suzain lian

I am a social scientist and PhD student with 5 years of experience in writing and editing the finest academic/scientific documents. All I need is your text, and I will transform it into an excellent and high-quality document!

There are some harsh critics out there when it comes to written communication. I know that it is so important to make a great impression, whether that be with your self-published novel, an email applying for a new job, a blog post, an essay, an article or so much more. I have written and self-published a novel, and I know that to be respected as an author it is so important to have perfect spelling and grammar. I have achieved the highest class of undergraduate degree, and I know that a perfect piece of writing can go a long way to getting you the first that you dream of. I have seen applications for jobs with minor spelling errors get rejected in front of my own eyes, and have helped friends who struggle with spelling to ensure their job applications are error free resulting in their employment.