Where to go? Or what is sound


The project is designed in accordance with «mechanical motion» educational standard of general education in physics, and is intended for students in grade 9. One of the central points in the course of physics should take the theoretical component related to that of sound (sound wave), its sources and distribution. The class will be divided into sub-groups, a sign of division - musical tastes. The project is a research work which aims for the students to learn the basics of sound and identify the best place in the concert hall for the sweet spot And this presentation depending on the genre.

Learning outcome

The expected learning outcomes are:

1. Systematization of knowledge of students about sound waves.

2. The study of different styles of music on the basis of physical knowledge about sound and presentation of results in the product of the students.

3. Purchase tickets for the best seats.

Product of the activity students will be presented in any form (presentations, reports, statistics, video).

Base Quastion

The Underlying Question

Where to go?

Problematic issues

* Who are the passengers?

* How many complicated way?

* Which way to go?

* And what is your route?

Study Questions

* What is the height and pitch of sound?

* What is the volume?

* What is the sound vibrations?

* What are the sources of sound?

* What is a sound wave?

* What is the speed of sound?

* What is an echo and acoustics?

* What are the characteristics of pop?

* What are the characteristics of rock music?

* What are the characteristics of classical music

* Where are the best seats at a rock concert?

* Where to sit at a concert of classical music?

* Where to stand on the pop concert?

Useful resources

* http://method-behind-the-music.com/mechanics/physics - The Physics of Sound.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound - Wiki about Sound.


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